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Honey & Beekeeping Supply Company

From raw, all-natural honey and bee products to beekeeping supplies and tools, find everything you need for a thriving hive—and some healthy goodies—at GloryBee. GloryBee is a honey and beekeeping supply company that has focused on promoting healthy living since the 1970s. Over the last 40-plus years, we’ve expanded our online bee product offerings, while still maintaining our high-quality standards and support for local beekeepers. We’re excited for you to explore all that our honey and beekeeping supply company has to offer! Take your time finding everything you need to start up your own hive, keep your existing bee colony thriving, or shop our bee byproduct goods—such as honey or hive supplements.

  • GloryBee Family

    Family Owned And Operated Since 1975

    GloryBee started in the family garage of Dick and Pat Turanski in 1975 with a dream of providing natural, healthy ingredients for the people of their town.

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  • Learn about GloryBee Stewardship

    GloryBee cares deeply about our local community and beyond. Learn about our social initiative and sustainability programs below:

    Save the Bee InitiativeSave the Bee Initiative Save the Bee InitiativeFood for Health Save the Bee InitiativeSustainable Future Food 4 FarmersFood 4 Farmers
  • Bulk Foods

    We Supply Bakeries, Restaurants, Food Manufacturers & More!

    GloryBee leads the Pacific Northwest in our ability to serve all of your ingredient needs from one vendor. Offering global reach with a local focus, shop our wholesale site for your bulk and industrial food needs.

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