Bakers Dark Amber Honey

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Our baker's grade dark amber honey is blended from select domestic and/or imported honey to achieve a consistent color and flavor ideal for baking. We process this honey longer than our other varieties, with the goal to eliminate the natural enzymes in honey that can interfere with bread yeast and the baking process. Though not well-suited for a table honey, its sweet, robust flavor and the darker color is perfect for enhancing the flavors of grains in homemade bread and granola. 


Foreign Matter:  Free of comb, propolis, and other foreign material
Solids (Brix):  Greater than or equal to 81.4%
Moisture:  Less than or equal to 18.6%
pH:  3.4 - 6.1
Color:  Dark Amber; 120 - 140 mm on Pfund scale

Suggested Storage:  Product shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable.  Honey should be stored under cool, dry conditions and in a humidity controlled environment.  Standard shelf life, when stored under optimum conditions, is 2 years from the date of manufacture.