A movement is happening in retail sales. Customers no longer want just the cheapest or just the healthiest — they want their purchases to have an impact on their communities and make a difference globally. Retailers are discovering they need to give consumers opportunities to buy products that are produced responsibly and sustainably.

Wanting to help influence this growing trend toward positive change, ingredient supplier GloryBee, requested to receive an impact assessment and be graded on how transparent, ethical and sustainable they were as a company. On just their first assessment they scored extraordinarily high in all categories and in 2016 became a Certified B Corporation

Executive Vice President of GloryBee, RaeJean Wilson says, “Maintaining our B Corp status will challenge us to be the company we strive to be and to constantly consider how we are affecting the environment, the community, our employees and our clients.”

As a Certified B Corp, GloryBee shares the environmental concerns of consumers. Everyone knows honey bees are dying off at an alarming rate. What we don’t know is why they’re dying. There are so many possible causes that scientists are struggling to fund all the research needed. GloryBee’s Save the Bee Initiative enables people to make a difference now and help scientists find a cure for the vanishing honey bees.

Initiated in 2012, over $130,000 has been donated through Save the Bee to research labs and beekeeping organizations. Money comes from donations and fundraising, as well as from retail sales of GloryBee honey. Known throughout the country as the leader in organic and gourmet honeys, GloryBee is offering honey lovers opportunities to get involved and take direct action.

Don’t wish for change—be the change!
During September 22-24, GloryBee will be at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland for Natural Products Expo East. Showcasing their honeys and other natural ingredients, GloryBee is inviting all retailers to visit them at both 621 to discuss opportunities to work together and influence positive change in the marketplace.