Pollen in jarGot to sleep in today and opted to fast after I woke up. I was still feeling pretty full and honestly was not looking forward to breakfast - this stuff isn’t exactly a champagne brunch. So I went to the gym instead.

By the time I got home, showered, and stuffed my gear into the laundry I was starting to get hungry but slightly desperate for something other than pollen puree. I started experimenting by adding just enough water to dissolve the pollen and seeing what I could do with it. The answer is not much! It doesn’t hold any kind of structure when cooking and it definitely needs additional ingredients to make it stable. It did caramelize well (and burns super easily), and toasted pollen was actually fairly tasty and easy to break up, though I do not know what it did for the nutritional value.

I played around with a few ideas, creating a pollen pancake by adding egg (they didn’t hold together well), pollen muffins (they tasted like pollen and sadness), pollen dumplings (they fell apart), and eventually a pollen pancake with almond meal and coconut flour that tasted pretty darn good with some yogurt...but I couldn’t eat more than a taste of it because I was trying to stick to pollen as my sole source of nutrition! I soaked and blended more pollen and drank down yet another meal’s worth. I’d be a liar if I said this wasn’t getting a little tedious.