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Bee Weekend 2017

Bee Weekend 2017
  • When is Bee Weekend 2017?

    On Friday April 21 (9:30am-5:30pm)  and Saturday April 22 (9:00 - 4:00pm), GloryBee will host its Annual Bee Weekend! This two-day community event is packed with beekeeping education, distribution of pre-ordered packages of live bees, live demonstrations, honey sampling, onsite food vendors and additional activities.

    You don't have to be a beekeeper to participate! Bee Weekend has become a popular community event, featuring honey tasting, food carts, activities for kids and much more. Additionally, our Factory Store will be open so you can purchase supplies, bee-related gifts and toys and a variety of tasty treats. Come see the bees up-close and learn more about these tiny and amazing pollinators!

    Where can I pick up my bees?

    You can pick bees on Friday April 21st and Saturday April 22nd, at our Hwy 99 location, 29548 B Airport Road, Eugene, OR  97402. Bee pick up will be outside along the south side of the building.

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    Beekeeping Preparation

    Beekeepers prepare for the beekeeping year early by preordering packaged bees. Due to the increasing popularity of beekeeping as a hobby, it is recommended to order bees early in case of shortages. Beginners can prepare by purchasing how-to books and attending workshops like those offered through local beekeeping associations. Supplies like boxes, frames, foundation and other equipment should be purchased well in advance to allow plenty of time to paint the hives and prepare the frames and foundation. For an easy way to get started, GloryBee offers a beginning beekeeping kit that will get novices off on the right foot.

  • Beekeeping 101 Class

    Saturday, April 8, 2017 – Beekeeping 101
    Learn all about beekeeping from the experts! What do you need to start beekeeping? What are some common pitfalls and how do you avoid them? Let the experts at GloryBee help! Attendees will receive a copy of the book First Lessons in Beekeeping. Cost $25 per person

  • Bee Installation Demonstrations

    Dick Turanski, founder and beekeeper, along with his son and President of GloryBee, Alan Turanski, will demonstrate live bee installation into hives. The demonstrations are a must-see; for non-beekeepers, they offer a rare chance to see a colony of bees up close.

    Demonstration Times:
    Friday, April 21 – 9:30am, 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm
    Saturday, April 22 – 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:30 pm

  • Drone on fingerMeet the 2017 American Honey Queen

    The American Honey Queen serves as a national spokesperson on behalf of the American Beekeeping Federation, a trade organization representing beekeepers and honey producers throughout the United States. The Honey Queen speaks and promotes in venues nationwide, and, as such the Queen will travel throughout the United States during her year-long reign.

    The beekeeping industry touches the lives of every individual in our country. In fact, honey bees are responsible for nearly one-third of our entire diet, in regards to the pollination services that they provide for a large majority of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. This amounts to nearly $19 billion per year of direct value from honeybee pollination to United States agriculture.

Bee Prices:
Please note we do not ship Bees. Local Pickup Only.
  • 2lb. Packages

    • Carniolan Bees w/ Queen $119
    • Italian Bees w/ Queen $119
    • Carniolan Bees w/ Marked Queen $121
    • Italian Bees w/ Marked Queen $121

  • 3 lb. Packages

    • Carniolan Bees w/ Queen $135
    • Italian Bees w/ Queen $135
    • Carniolan Bees w/ Marked Queen $137
    • Italian Bees w/ Marked Queen $137

  • Nuc Boxes

    • Nuc w/ PNW Bees and Queen $200

    Pick up date:
    Saturday, April 29
     - 8:30am-10:30am
  • Queens

    • PNW Italian/Carniolan Unmarked $36
    • Italian Unmarked $36
    • Carniolan Unmarked $36
    • Italian Marked $38
    • Carniolan Marked $38

  • Demo Hives

    • Packaged Bees introduced to hive during Bee Weekend.Available for pick-up once colony is established (Tentatively May 13). $319

  • Order Now!

    To order call 1-800-456-7923. Order deadline for packages and queens is Friday, March 31 2017. Order deadline for Nucs is Friday, April 14 2017.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Customers need to speak with a salesperson to request a refund. Refunds will not be authorized via email or through voicemail. All pre-ordered packaged bees must be picked up by 2:30 p.m. on Saturday or they will be considered abandoned and sold to someone waiting on site. No Refunds after Friday, March 31, 2017