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  1. Expertly crafted and composed from a fine selection of ingredients including caramelized sugar and caramelized milk, the chocolate caramel callets have an intense, yet balanced, caramel/chocolate taste with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and an exqui
    Barry Callebaut
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  2. ith a real peanut butter taste, peanut butter lovers are sure to enjoy these nutty treats.  They are delicious all on their own or served as a topping for ice cream, yogurt, fruit and smoothies.  They also work great for adding to baked goods in
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  3. Chocolate, Chips, Semi-Sweet, Premium 1M, 30 lb.
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  4. Carob Chips, 26.5 lb.
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  5. Pure dark chocolate chips
    Blommer Organic
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