Frame Grip Small

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150011 Each EA


This heavy-duty small frame grip works well for pulling frames from your hive. It allows for you to avoid dropping a frame of bees even when wearing bulky gloves. Bees get very agitated when they are on a frame that is dropped!

This tool is very handy and convenient. To operate, use a hive tool to loosen the frames from each other and from the sides of the box. Frames in a hive tend to become very sticky as the bees cover them with propolis which acts like a glue that holds frames tightly together. Once the frames are loosened, use the frame grip to pull them from the hive. The wide handle makes it very easy to remove frames from a brood box or honey super. Frames come out faster and more smoothly than using just a hive tool. Hive tools can tend to damage frames and boxes if you wedge and pry too hard to get frames out.

Made from a heavy-duty, durable, they are also light-weight and easy to use one-handed. They work with all varieties of frames including wood, plastic, deep, medium and shallow.

This item measures 5" tall by 6" wide by 3.3" deep.