Fume Board

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Also known as an acid board, beekeepers use this when getting ready to take honey supers off of their hive.

It is designed as a temporary hive cover that holds a bee repellant (the “acid” or “fume”) such as Fisher’s Bee Quick.

The frame of the board is made of a strong, sturdy pine. The top of the board is covered with a heavy-duty, dark-gray plastic. The dark color of this plastic absorbs the warmth from the sun making the cover heat up slightly.  The underside is covered with a beige-colored felt.  It is this felt side that you will spray and saturate with the bee repellant.  For directions on how much to spray, refer to the instructions on for your choice repellant.

This method of removing bees from your honey supers is much faster than the escape board or Porter bee escape methods.  It does tend to work faster on warm, sunny days, but depending on the repellant you choose, it can also work on cloudy days although taking a little more time. The warmer the air, the more fumes or vapors are produced.

It measures 20” long by 16.5” wide by 3.5” tall and will fit on a 10-frame hive.  They do not need to be painted since they are only used temporarily on warm, sunny days.  When not in use, we suggest to store them in a sealed plastic garbage bag to prevent vapors from escaping to areas you may not want them. 

Fume Board Instructions

To use, spray the inside felt with bee repellant such as Fisher’s Bee Quick, place the board on top of the honey supers and wait. Depending on the temperature, bees will leave as soon as 15 minutes. You can periodically check in 10 to 15-minute intervals to see if the bees have moved down into the brood boxes.