Hive Tool Kit

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189511 Each Box


Are you a new beekeeper and not sure what hive tools to buy initially to get you started in beekeeping?  If so, we highly recommend this kit for you!  It contains all the essentials tools to get you started including:

4” x 7” Smoker with Shield – This classic smoker is made from stainless steel.  It is lightweight and easy to handle.  It works great for those beekeepers that have 10 hives or less. 

Smoker Fuel – This high quality smoker fuel is made from cotton fiber.  It is easy to light and stays lit longer between smoker uses.

Standard Hive Tool – This is our most economical hive tool.  It is made from a yellow painted steel with a nail pulling slot built in.  The bent edge on the end works great for scraping wax and propolis off of frames and boxes.  10” long.

Bee Brush – A soft, nylon bristle brush ideal for gently sweeping bees off of a frame or into a nuc box when hiving a swarm.

Small Frame Grip – This heavy-duty small frame grip works well for loosening and pulling frames from your hive.  It allows for you to avoid dropping a frame of bees even when wearing bulky gloves.

Stainless Steel Frame Holders – In order to make room to inspect frames, these frame holders work great!  They attach to the side of your super and will hold several frames at one time.  They come as a pair for the left and right sides of the super.