Pacific Northwest Clover Honey

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Clover blossoms tinged pink and cream, spring up like cheerful little pompons amid lush mats of green leaflets. The wonderful value of this charming flower is that it can grow well in adverse soils and provide an abundant supply of nectar with its extended bloom period making it a reliable floral source for pollinators.

Clover FlowerHoney bees eagerly harvest nectar from these delightful blossoms which are used to produce GloryBee’s Pacific Northwest Clover Honey.

This pure honey is regionally sourced from the Pacific Northwest making it a sustainable option.  Certified kosher and naturally gluten-free, GloryBee's Pacific Northwest Clover Honey is honey you can feel good about eating and sharing with your friends and family.

Flavor Profile

This premium clover honey combines all the natural and delightful flavors of classic clover and is harvested in the Pacific Northwest.  It has a light and mild, confectionary sweetness.

The light and mild flavor are great for sweetening your favorite hot tea or for drizzling over your warm morning oatmeal.  Also a low-calorie snack for the kids, or just a quick pick-me-up for yourself!

Flavor Notes

GloryBee’s Pacific Northwest Clover Honey will remind you of summer year-round with its warm, malty aroma and sweet, tangy flavor reminiscent of sun-ripened raisins.

Clover honey is a delicious way to sweeten your morning tea. Drizzle it in thick, amber ribbons over a yogurt bowl or flaky croissant.