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Plastic Pail with Honey Gate 6 Gallon

Item# 10565

Size: 1 Each EA

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Otherwise known as a “bottling bucket”, this heavy-duty, food-grade white plastic pail with gate works extremely well for bottling your sweet, delicious, golden  honey once it’s extracted.

Included is a heavy duty, food-grade white plastic lid which can be attached using a rubber mallet. The lid can be used when you have extracted and filtered your honey, but want to wait to bottle protecting your honey from impurities.

The pail also comes with a durable, food-grade 1 ½” plastic honey gate (color may vary). This easy-flow gate is very simple and smooth to open & shut with the small handle. When not in use, you seal the honey inside the bucket by tightening the attached thumbscrew.  The gate does not come attached to the pail, however, the pail does come pre-drilled with the appropriate sized hole making the gate very easy to attach. Simply screw the gate into the hole!

We recommend sealing the edges around the gate both inside and outside the pail with a food-grade tape or putty. Use once you have spun your first few loads of honey-filled frames in your extractor.  Simply place a honey sieve (link) on top of your bottling bucket, place the bottling bucket under the gate at the bottom of your extractor, open the gate slowly and watch as your pure, delicious honey flows out into the double sieve and then into the pail.  Be sure to watch the flow carefully as you don’t want the sieve or the pail to overflow with honey. This particular version of bottling bucket hold approximately 70 lbs. of honey.  It does also come with a metal handle and plastic hand grip making it very easy to lift and move.

It measures 17.5” tall by 12” in diameter at the opening.  Wash with warm, soapy water.

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