Porter Bee Escape

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A Porter bee escape is a handy little device to use when you are getting ready to remove your honey supers.

A porter bee escape is used in combination with our inner cover. Its oval shape fits into the center hole of the inner cover and acts as a one-way door that allows bees to leave through the bottom but won’t let them back in.

To use, simply insert the escape into the hole of your inner cover and then place the inner cover in between your honey supers and brood boxes. We recommend placing an empty shallow super under the honey supers you are taking off to give the bees more room, however, this is not necessary.

This method of removing bees from honey supers takes longer than the acid board method.  Using this method, it can take up to 2 to 3 days for the bees to completely move down to the brood chamber.  Given this, we suggest to use this method when you have extra time, don’t want to use chemicals or sprays and are only removing honey from a couple of hives. 

The porter bee escape  measures 4.1875” long by 1.625” wide.